Seeking Wellness for
You & Your Family?

Welcome!  We are Revive Seven! Our mission is helping people take control of their health beginning with families, cities, and then nations. We believe God has given us plants to aid us in living for His glory. This creation helps us gain freedom while leaving a legacy of wellness, purpose, and abundance for generations. We want to be part of your support team by helping you learn about essential oils and why they should have a place in your home.


Dig Deeper & Grow

You are important to us and we are here to encourage you on your wellness journey by offering you continuous education.

Whether it’s through attending classes, researching resources, or visiting with your team, you will learn how to care for you and your family responsibly, without toxic chemicals and the side affects you may have already endured. Come in! Wellness awaits.


Are You a Business Builder?

Interested in setting your own hours while building your own business and earning residual income? Don’t wait any longer. Our team is so excited and ready to help you attain your goals. We are offering you the basic resources to copy, share and use in your new business journey. Why recreate the wheel? As a team we have researched and brought together the materials necessary to succeed. Let’s get started!